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Superior Tree Care is our goal.

Trees in the Columbia Basin are precious and add great value to your property. That is why we practice "Naturalized Thinning", which is selectively thinning and shaping, instead of topping the whole tree. 

Topping Kills: is not an approved method of thinning; and simply doesn't work. 

Arborists maintain that you should never remove more than 40% of a tree's canopy.

Once topped, a tree will quickly return to its original height, but will be unsightly. It will also be prone to insect infestation and disease, and will have many small, weak branches in place of those that were removed.

Many trees that are topped end up dying; which costs the property owner additional money to have them removed. 

The solution? Use a tree care company that practices proper arbor care. Contact Storwick Tree & Landscape. We recognize the value of your trees and care for them as if they were our own. 

Storwick Tree & Landscape 


Licenced, Bonded, Insured 

- Tree Trimming

- Tree & Shrub Removal

- Stump Grinding

- Trucking

- Excavation

- Demolition


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